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  1. Solitary Confinement is Torture.
Here is the latest about the health of one of the undocumented youth who was part of the action of the border: Maria Peniche is on suicide watch in solitary confinement. What happened to her is exactly what experts say happens to people in solitary. 
You can help get the word out. Bring the Dreamers home. No more solitary confinement, for anyone.‪
Please follow the Facebook page of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance for an upcoming live recording of Maria.If you are an artist, considering making an art piece in solidarity with the Dream 9 11 months ago
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  3. A collection of over 500 political graphics, Reproduce & Revolt/Reproduce Y Rebélate contains original art granted by the creators to the public domain, to be freely used on political posters, flyers, and campaigns.
A bilingual (English & Spanish) book, it also includes a history of the reproducible political graphic and a design how-to for anyone interested in using the images in this book to help change the world.
A powerful collection of graphic work by some of the world’s most active and interesting political propagandists, street artists and socially conscious graphic designers. Over 100 artists from over 25 countries are included!
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  5. Racism and white supremacy are prevailing forces in our society and continue to cause inequality, suffering, and institutionalized violence in communities of color. I developed this poster for the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, March 21st. The characters in the piece are singing and working collectively to combat racism. 1 year ago
  6. This piece celebrates a groundbreaking Black and Latino Summit that took place in Los Angeles in 2008. The images depict the parallels between the social injustices faced by both Brown and Black people in the United States. Both communities face high teenage pregnancy rates, high drop-out rates, high unemployment rates, and unjust incarceration.  
Check out my online store for more art 1 year ago
  7. If you’re in Oakland TODAY, please come and check out this art talk and performance at SoleSpace starting at 6 p.m. Check out the FB event here.  1 year ago
  8. juliosalgado83:



@juliosalgado83 is making me famous in this billboard in the mission. Go check it out! #undocuqueer #undocumented

Me with other much more fabulous people. 

If you find yourself in San Francisco this month, go check out this billboard I designed. It was a collab with some fabulous undocuqueers and Galeria de la Raza. The billboard is in the corner of Bryant and 24th in the Mission District. It’s only up for the month of June, so go now!
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  10. Today, the National Education Association is launching their campaign “Dreamers Welcome.” They’re asking community to share my newest Butter Fly design. 
The inspiration for this design was to stand in solidarity with dreamers and for them to know that there is a community of people who care and stand with them. Their story is a beautiful and positive story, of resiliency of the human spirit.And starting today, NEA is hosting a national call-in day (1-866-632-6057) to encourage educators and others to call their senators and encourage them to support DREAMers, their families and the comprehensive bill. Please share this image with all of your friends and family !! 1 year ago
  11. For this years Netroots Nation in San Jose, I’m going to be on a panel discussion called: Artists for Justice: How Artists are Transforming the Narrative on Immigration and Equality. If you’re at NN this year, be sure to come by the panel and keep an eye out for other events I’ll be hosting with Culture Strike through out the weekend. 
"The migrant rights movement is rich with artists and producers who are producing culture that reach audiences beyond the bounds of what community organizing and policy-based organizing can do. Visual artists, designers, coders, rappers, emcees, street artists, musicians, poets and performers are increasingly working together to form a cultural front that speaks out for a fair and just immigration policy. From theater productions to creative online apps to the use of the monarch butterfly symbol, art is a powerful and undeniable tool in the migrant struggle. Come hear how organizers and artists are employing cultural strategy and online tools to activate innovative art that shifts hearts and minds around immigration. We will discuss case studies and successful models of cultural organizing and cultural strategy."  1 year ago
  12. This poster intends to educate youth of color about local food production and urban farming, while encouraging people living in urban communities to reclaim vacant lots for producing their own food. 
At a time when the dominant messages around food encourage us to eat “fast” and “cheap,” positive and alternative messages are of major importance in changing our diets and making statement about the world we seek to create. To see this poster and many others at my website 1 year ago
  13. We are all Bradley Manning.Nobody was harmed by these leaks, only the public benefited. Drop the “Aiding The Enemy” Charge. Art by Gan Golan and Favianna Rodriguez 1 year ago
  14. Artist Workers of the World, UNITE!  1 year ago
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