My PAPA is the source of my creativity! 

I made this card for the Papa’s Day art project thinking of my father. I chose to depict elephants in this image because I wanted to honor the fact that many living beings have a father in their life. The elephants in particular are very loving with each other, and show affection like humans do.

This image represents a journey which so many of our fathers make. My father made a long journey from Peru because he believed that he would have a better life in this country. His story of migration reminds me that many living things move, it is part of our DNA and a natural part of life.

My father taught me to be strong, to reject patriarchy, and to be myself. He is unconventional in so many ways, and I reflect his counter-culture spirit. I have a great relationship with him, and he is my biggest art far.

Papa, Te Quiero Mucho.

(You can see my e-card, along with many other Papas Day cards at their web site.) 

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