On October 5, communities across the country will bring families into the streets to press for dignity and respect for immigrant families. On October 8 at 12:30pm, tens of thousands will gather on the National Mall at 10th Street to celebrate Camino Americano: the Concert for Immigrant Dignity and Respect before marching to the U.S. Capitol to send a message to the House of Representatives: Get Immigration Reform Done; and Get it Done Now. For our families, for our communities, for our country.

Join CultureStrike as we leverage the power of ART and CULTURE to shine light on the growing movement for migrant rights. Migrant communities cannot wait any longer. Not one more family should be torn apart by these senseless practices.

As you prepare to take to the streets on October 5th, use the how-to guide, templates and video provided below to create fun, colorful and eye-catching visuals and signage that will help us send a united message across the nation – Keep Families Together.

After you make art, please take a picture showing off your creations and upload them to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the tag: #art4

Let’s build a public gallery of community-made art.

Links to Download Oct 5 Art Below

Oct 5 National Day of Dignity Art Templates *

How To Guide to Creating Stencil Art/Posters *